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FR-S Special Edition Limited to 1,000 Units

It's been a pretty eventful second half of the year for Scion. In September, they released the all new iA sedan and iM hatchback, and in October they announced a third vehicle will be revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, November 18-19. Adding to the new arrivals, we have learned that a special edition of the FR-S is around the corner.

The Release Series 2.0 will be luxuriously appointed in black Alacantara and leather, with camel-colored accents and stitching throughout the interior. Production will be limited to just 1,000 units, and each one will have its…

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Michael Trevino Gets More Likes With Toyota

Michael Trevino. Maybe you know him as a Vampire Diaries heartthrob.

Or maybe you've never heard of him.

Frankly, we had to look him up. That jawline, though, right?

He posted an unbearably bland photo of a chair to his Instagram, and in spite of his fame, it got two entire "likes." Pitiful, Trevino. If only it had been a picture of a cat, or food.

Toyota decided to give this unfortunate picture a second chance in the spotlight. They printed a giant-version of it, and placed it centered on a landing pad-- 35 feet below a window.


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You Won't Believe How Long This Toyota Prius has Been on the Road

Toyota vehicles are reliable. Everyone knows that. Chances are, you're here browsing for a Toyota because of their reputation for longevity, or fuel efficiency. Are we right?

Hybrids, though... those have to be the exception, don't they?

How long could something with such sophisticated electronic technology last? How long could that giant hybrid battery go without failing?

A long time, actually.

Bob Old bought his Toyota Prius in the UK, about 11 years ago now. He's never had a battery failure, and in fact he's never had any major breakdowns.

But get this-- it's not…

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How Reliable is a Used Toyota?

Used cars aren't made like they once were. While an old view of used cars is that they're falling apart at the seams, in recent years vehicles were designed to be a bit harder to destroy than that.

How hard to destroy is a used Toyota? Top Gear decided to test this out, and to do that they didn't pull any punches.

In fact, their tests go above and beyond anything you would ever put your car through intentionally, unless you're the star of an action movie or a madcap sitcom.

When crashing the truck isn…

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How Viable is Hydrogen Fuel?

The 2016 Toyota Mirai, as we've previously discussed, will be fueled on hydrogen, touted as the green fuel of the future.

But how clean and green is hydrogen? Where does it come from?

Hydrogen can come from many places, including steam-reformed methane, and water via electrolysis.

Both of these have their own issues. For instance, methane can come from natural gas, a fossil fuel, and the electricity used to power electrolysis can come from coal-burning plants.

Not so green.

However, unlike gasoline which inherently must derive from fossil fuels, with a little green-thinking, hydrogen

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When is it Time to Replace Your Tires?

Driving on bald tires is bad. You know that, we know that. But what about it exactly is so bad?

Well, if you've been driving on bone-dry California roads, it could be worse. The purpose of tire tread is to give water a place to go, so it doesn't come between the rubber and the road. Tread can also provide grip on loose dirt, sand, or gravel, but on a flat, dry tarmac, you might not notice a huge difference.

And that's dangerous.

Because as soon as a cloud bursts overhead and the rains finally come, if…

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The Evolution of the Hybrid Car

You might think of hybrid cars as new and fairly cutting-edge technology. They've only been around for 15 years, after all.

Or have they?

There was been a tremendous resurgence of hybrid, electric, and hydrogen cars in the past decade, but the origins of these technologies go farther back than you might expect.

In 1834, Thomas Davenport created the first electric motor. By the 1880s, electric motors were used to power "horseless carriages." These primitive electric cars faced the same issues of short battery life that our modern electric cars still face today.


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Toyota 4Runner vs Chupacabra!

What's that noise in the woods? It's the deadly Chupacabra! Only you and your Toyota 4Runner can survive this perilous adventure.

Rick and his 4Runner, "Skullcap," are the winners of Toyota's Más Que Un Auto contest. Toyota asked for your submissions of a great commercial idea starring you and your Toyota, and filmed the best one.

It turns out, this poor mythical creature's rows of sharp teeth are misleading. He…

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Enjoy this summer season with the Toyota Avalon or Avalon Hybrid

There's little that's not to love about the full-size Toyota Avalon and Avalon Hybrid. With the spacious cabin you need, the fuel-efficiency you desire, and the luxury you crave, this is one Toyota model you shouldn't miss this season. Here's why:

Road trips abound: The gas-powered Avalon delivers up to an impressive 31 mpg on the highway, while the Hybrid Synergy Drive-powered Avalon Hybrid boasts an EPA-estimated 40 mpg combined. Either…

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