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2016 Toyota Tacoma Casts a Shadow on Other Pick Up Trucks

The fun never ends when you're behind the wheel of the all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma -- no matter the season.



A few more weeks of winter? Less winter than expected? Either way, it's no big deal. With this pick-up truck's powerful 4x4 performance, you're ready to tackle any opportunity for adventure that comes your way.

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Autotrader Raves About Remarkable 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Let's face it: the SUV segment has never been a friend of fuel economy -- or, for that matter, folk's wallets. Generally regarded as gas-guzzlers, utility vehicles are often overlooked in favor of smaller, more efficient offerings.

That is, until now. It seems to us at Tracy Toyota that our esteemed Japanese automaker is out to change the general perception of the crossover class, and will do so on the back of the all-new 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. See for yourself all it has in store by watching the video review below:

Just beneath this SUV's snout, a…

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"Started From the Bottom, Now We Here": Scion Helps You Snag a Loan With Little to No Credit History

So, you scored that entry-level job you were eyeing. Congrats! Now you need a way to get there. Unfortunately, cash flow is tight. You wouldn't call your credit history bad, it's just non-existent. Such is the life of post-grad "adults". Not to worry. We at TRACY TOYOTA are here to assist, thanks to Scion Gen-One Finance. Learn more in the article below.

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The 2016 Scion iA Steals the Story in Thief of Thieves

When it comes to collaborative design, we at Tracy Toyota have to point out that Scion certainly knows a thing or two. That's why we weren't surprised to see the brand supporting graphic artwork in its latest campaign. Series like the The Walking Dead and Thief of Thieves require just as much cooperation among designers as the newest 2016 Scion iA. Learn more about concept production for these exciting stories in the video below!

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FR-S Special Edition Limited to 1,000 Units

It's been a pretty eventful second half of the year for Scion. In September, they released the all new iA sedan and iM hatchback, and in October they announced a third vehicle will be revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, November 18-19. Adding to the new arrivals, we have learned that a special edition of the FR-S is around the corner.

The Release Series 2.0 will be luxuriously appointed in black Alacantara and leather, with camel-colored accents and stitching throughout the interior. Production will be limited to just 1,000 units, and each one will have its…

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Michael Trevino Gets More Likes With Toyota

Michael Trevino. Maybe you know him as a Vampire Diaries heartthrob.

Or maybe you've never heard of him.

Frankly, we had to look him up. That jawline, though, right?

He posted an unbearably bland photo of a chair to his Instagram, and in spite of his fame, it got two entire "likes." Pitiful, Trevino. If only it had been a picture of a cat, or food.

Toyota decided to give this unfortunate picture a second chance in the spotlight. They printed a giant-version of it, and placed it centered on a landing pad-- 35 feet below a window.


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You Won't Believe How Long This Toyota Prius has Been on the Road

Toyota vehicles are reliable. Everyone knows that. Chances are, you're here browsing for a Toyota because of their reputation for longevity, or fuel efficiency. Are we right?

Hybrids, though... those have to be the exception, don't they?

How long could something with such sophisticated electronic technology last? How long could that giant hybrid battery go without failing?

A long time, actually.

Bob Old bought his Toyota Prius in the UK, about 11 years ago now. He's never had a battery failure, and in fact he's never had any major breakdowns.

But get this-- it's not…

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How Reliable is a Used Toyota?

Used cars aren't made like they once were. While an old view of used cars is that they're falling apart at the seams, in recent years vehicles were designed to be a bit harder to destroy than that.

How hard to destroy is a used Toyota? Top Gear decided to test this out, and to do that they didn't pull any punches.

In fact, their tests go above and beyond anything you would ever put your car through intentionally, unless you're the star of an action movie or a madcap sitcom.

When crashing the truck isn…

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