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It's hard to beat the feeling of driving a new Toyota car, and at Tracy Toyota, we want to keep that feeling going by helping your Toyota run like new at all times. Whether you're driving in stop-and-go traffic or severe weather conditions, being able to brake quickly is essential for your safety. That is why we encourage you to make an appointment with our Toyota service center to ensure that your brakes are performing at their peak.

Your hardworking Toyota car has two different types of brakes, which are disc and drum. Using friction and resistance, both work together to convert kinetic energy into heat energy through a hydraulic system. This system has fluid that moves through brake lines to create pressure that presses the brake pads against the rotors to stop the car. If any of these parts are even slightly damaged, you could experience severe problems on the road.

To understand the current state of your brakes, there will be a few warning signs if they aren't working as they should. Good brakes are very responsive to the touch of your foot and are eight to 12 millimeters thick. Conversely, if the pedal sinks towards the floor and the brakes feel thinner, you need to come into our dealership to have them inspected. If you hear any squealing, pulling, or growling sounds, one of our highly trained technicians should investigate this further and see if the brakes need to be fixed.

When it comes to providing a thorough inspection of your Toyota car, our dealership has got you covered. Our service team will make sure that your brakes and other elements of your vehicle are working together to keep you safe on the road. We hope to see you soon!
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